Furniture Row Plant Unanimously Approved for Construction in Rio Rancho’s The Village

In a unanimous decision, the governing body of Rio Rancho has approved the site plan for the construction of a Furniture Row store in The Village, located near Westside Blvd. and Unser Blvd. The new development is set to be a significant addition to the area, providing a unique shopping experience for residents and visitors alike.

Although there was some initial concern regarding the color scheme proposed by Furniture Row, ultimately, the council members and the mayor agreed to move forward with the site plan without the inclusion of specific colors. The councilor, Paul Wymer, had suggested matching the colors of the adjacent Cabezon neighborhood, but the company argued that the chosen color palette is essential for their branding.

Mayor Gregg Hull emphasized the importance of maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing appearance for the area, as Cabezon serves as a gateway neighborhood to Rio Rancho. While the other buildings in the vicinity have adhered to the recommended color scheme, Furniture Row sought to establish its own identity through its unique tones of black, white, and gray. It was debated whether the color palette for Cabezon was a requirement or merely a recommendation.

To ensure progress is made in a timely manner, Councilor Karissa Culbreath proposed that the discussion regarding colors be set aside for the time being, and the site plan be approved without it. She emphasized the governing body’s commitment to working collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome for the Cabezon community.

The approval of the site plan for Furniture Row’s new store signifies another step forward in the development of The Village, bringing in a significant retail establishment that will enhance the area’s economic growth.


1. What was approved by the governing body of Rio Rancho?
Het siteplan voor de bouw van een Furniture Row-winkel in The Village werd unaniem goedgekeurd door de regulerende instantie van Rio Rancho.

2. Where is the new development located?
Het nieuwe ontwikkelingsproject bevindt zich in The Village, in de buurt van Westside Blvd. en Unser Blvd.

3. Was there any concern about the proposed color scheme?
Er was aanvankelijk zorg over het voorgestelde kleurenschema.

4. Did the council members and the mayor agree to move forward with the site plan?
Ja, de raadsleden en de burgemeester gingen akkoord om verder te gaan met het siteplan.

5. What did Councilor Paul Wymer suggest regarding colors?
Raadslid Paul Wymer stelde voor om de kleuren van de naburige Cabezon-wijk te matchen.

6. Why did Furniture Row argue against matching the colors of the adjacent neighborhood?
Furniture Row betoogde dat het gekozen kleurenpalet essentieel is voor hun merkidentiteit.

7. What did Mayor Gregg Hull emphasize?
Burgemeester Gregg Hull benadrukte het belang van een samenhangende en visueel aantrekkelijke uitstraling voor het gebied.

8. What did Furniture Row want to establish through its chosen colors?
Furniture Row wilde zijn eigen identiteit vestigen met unieke kleurtinten van zwart, wit en grijs.

9. What did Councilor Karissa Culbreath propose?
Raadslid Karissa Culbreath stelde voor om de discussie over kleuren tijdelijk opzij te zetten en het siteplan goed te keuren zonder deze kwestie.

10. What does the approval of the site plan signify?
De goedkeuring van het siteplan voor de nieuwe winkel van Furniture Row markeert een nieuwe stap in de ontwikkeling van The Village en draagt bij aan de economische groei van het gebied.


– Governing body: Regelgevend orgaan
– Site plan: Siteplan
– Construction: Bouw
– Development: Ontwikkeling
– Unique shopping experience: Unieke winkelervaring
– Color scheme: Kleurenschema
– Mayor: Burgemeester
– Cohesive: Samenhangend
– Visually appealing: Visueel aantrekkelijk
– Retail establishment: Winkelbedrijf
– Economic growth: Economische groei

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